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Before Sunrise

The first of two free breakfast screenings at LIFF 2023 (Zazie dans le Métro screens on 11 November). An American student (Ethan Hawkes) strikes up a…

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06/11/23 08/11/23
Bushman: New 4K Restoration

In the turbulence of 1968, Gabriel travels from Nigeria to California to begin a teaching job at San Francisco State. Beginning as a fiction film…

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The Dupes: New 4K Restoration

In 1950s Iraq, three Palestinian refugees attempt to cross the border into Kuwait in hope of a better future. Adapted from the 1962 novella 'Men in…

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04/11/23 05/11/23
Fanfare: New 4K Digitization

With slapstick hijinks and sabotage aplenty, this timeless classic comedy from 1958 is a gleeful delight. In an idyllic rural village, the local brass…

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The Fireman's Ball

Milos Forman’s pitch perfect comedy is a satirical sideswipe at his country’s pompous, incompetent bureaucracy and one of the classics of the Czech…

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06/11/23 08/11/23
Metal and Melancholy

A compellng and intimate look at the daily lives of taxi drivers in Peru from Dutch documentary maker Heddy Honigmann. Filmed almost entirely from…

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