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03/11/23 07/11/23
Nomad (Director's Cut): New 4K Restoration

A beautiful new restoration brings this vibrant youth picture fully to life. Two pairs of friends - rich Louis and Kathy, poorer Tomato and Pong -…

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04/11/23 06/11/23
A Question of Silence

In this powerful and provocative film from 1982, three women with no prior acquaintance brutally murder a male shop owner in broad daylight, as…

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The Red Angel: New 4K Restoration

A depiction of wartime madness so vivid that it trips into a kind of waking nightmare. At a field hospital in Manchuria, China, casualties are piling…

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The Spider Tattoo: New 4K Restoration

Otsuya, the daughter of a merchant, is kidnapped into prostitution and tattooed with the image of a huge black spider on her back. The spider tattoo…

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11/11/23 11/11/23
Zazie dans le métro

The second of two free breakfast screenings at LIFF 2023 (Before Sunrise screens on 4 November), this zany and anarchic comedy from Louis Malle is…

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