"Triet masterfully turns our attention from potential crime-solving to the inner workings of two imperfect people and one complicated marriage. It’s absolutely riveting." - Candice Frederick, Huffington Post

In the snowy French Alps a man falls to his death from an upper-storey window. There are no apparent witnesses but some evidence that suggests foul play. Novelist Sandra (Sandra Hüller), the man’s wife, is the only suspect. Sandra defends herself and her life, personality, sexuality, even her art are put under increasing scrutiny. What emerges in Anatomy of a Fall is a gripping, brainy and dynamic courtroom drama that explores performance, gender, and the ways we use language in relationships. Winner of the Palme d’Or at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

The screening at 13:15 on 5 Nov at Cottage Road will be presented with additional descriptive subtitles of non-dialogue audio. Audio Description is available at the screening at 20:00 on 6 Nov at Hyde Park Screen One. Please email leeds.film@leeds.gov.uk if you require a headset from the venue. Visit our Accessible Screenings at LIFF 2023 page for more information and other accessible screenings at the festival.

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