"Telling the story of his own affliction, Angel Applicant is a captivating self-portrait that uses everyday objects and works of art to make sense of one’s own life." - John Fink, The Film Stage

"This touching, heartfelt, first-person documentary about the power of art and its ability to speak to people on a very deep level is a beautiful piece of cinema." - Louisa Moore, Screen Zealots

Winner of the SXSW 2023 Documentary Feature Award, Ken August Meyer directs this autobiographical portrait of living with an incurable disease which is slowly turning him into a ‘living doll’. Finding solace in the last works of expressionist painter Paul Klee, whose art drastically shifted as the same illness consumed him, Ken examines how systemic scleroderma is transforming his own life. With ironic wit, colourful visuals and sharp sketches, Angel Applicant is not only an intimate exploration of illness and mortality, but an engaging study of art history, and how creativity can console and inspire us during personal suffering.

Both screenings of this film will be presented with additional descriptive subtitles of non-dialogue audio. Visit our Accessible Screenings at LIFF 2023 page for more information and other accessible screenings at the festival.

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