"Taking a sensitive, respectful but necessarily frank approach to this challenging subject, Another Body makes a compelling call to action." - Nikki Baughan, Screen International

"An essential documentary about gendered online harassment that will educate you, will disturb you, and will infuriate you." - Louisa Moore, Screen Zealots

Sophie Compton and Reuben Hamlyn’s superbly inventive documentary explores a new ethical problem arising from rapidly escalating technologies. The film follows an American college student’s search for answers and justice after she discovers someone has taken her image and used it to circulate deepfake pornography online. The effects on her personal life are devastating, the perpetrator is hard to identify and legal protection for her is minimal because the concept is so new. The filmmakers use the same technology to protect the identity of their subject, making Another Body a shocking and important film.

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Both screenings of this film will be presented with additional descriptive subtitles of non-dialogue audio. Visit our Accessible Screenings at LIFF 2023 page for more information and other accessible screenings at the festival.

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