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he great Ukrainian director Kira Muratova made her debut with this sublime romantic drama in 1967 though it was banned by Soviet censors for twenty years. Nadia travels to the big city and gets a job in a cafe. There she meets and falls in love with the geologist Maxim (played by Vladimir Vysotsky, a famous Russian singer songwriter). Maxim’s wife Valentina hires Nadia as a maid when Maxim is away on a geological expedition, unaware of the connection with her husband. Muratova explores unconventional narrative techniques to create a hypnotic dramatisation of intimacy and longing.

Our screening of Brief Encounters at LIFF 2022 is part of the UK/Ukraine season, a new programme of cultural activity to support the Ukrainian cultural sector, produced by the British Council and Ukrainian Institute. We are also presenting Pamfir in Official Selection and The Hamlet Syndrome in Cinema Versa.