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This shorts programme will also be available to view on Leeds Film Player from 8 to 17 November.

Are we the sum of our thoughts? Are we in control of our actions? Or is there a more fundamental link between mind and body? From where does altruism arise? Whatever the case, we experience obsessions, fall in and out of love, we’re impulsive, we’re scared, and we’re kind. It’s these varied mysteries that our second programme of brilliant shorts begins to unpack. There’s inner transcendence in Your Mountain is Waiting, personal testament in The Electricity in Me and in The Bayview, plain, uncomplicated care. Be good to each other.

The British Short Film Competition at LIFF 2022 is presented in partnership with Enjoy Digital

Lloyd Preston, Marketing Manager, from Enjoy Digital said: "We are both thrilled and proud to be a sponsor of this year's festival! The Leeds community has so much to offer and it's great to see such a huge mix of businesses all collaborating, from tech and marketing to arts and film. We want to wish all of the nominees good luck and we hope everyone has a wonderful time."