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The UK premiere of a new 4K digital restoration of one of the great classics of French cinema. Elegantly directed by Jacques Becker, Casque d’Or is both a picturesque depiction of the Belle Epoque era at the turn of the twentieth century and a gritty tale of small-time gangsters. Featuring a magnetic central performance by Simone Signoret as Marie, who is caught between ex-con Manda, who is trying to go straight, and the local crime boss Leca. Manda is drawn into a web of deception and intrigue in a finely wrought crime melodrama.

Pitched intriguingly between social realism and gilded nostalgia, Casque d’Or is one of Simone Signoret’s best performances, and an elegant take on the seedy underbelly that sits between French cinema’s golden age and the more acerbic charms of the Nouvelle Vague. A poignant crime story lifted to new heights by Becker’s effortless direction, the restoration is released in the UK by the Independent Cinema Office in partnership with STUDIOCANAL.