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“Cherry is a phenomenal coming-of-age comedy film about responsibility and making important life choices, all while facing adulthood through an unplanned pregnancy.” - Edgar Ortega, Loud and Clear Reviews

Cherry is a young woman drifting through life, still living with her parents and dividing her time between her job at the costume shop, rollerblading dance team, semi-serious boyfriend. But everything threatens to change when Cherry discovers she is pregnant and has less than 24 hours to make a huge decision about her future. Directionless, she wanders around town meeting family and friends for advice on her dilemma, but soon she starts to realise she may have to learn to take responsibility for her own decisions.

Charming but thoughtful, Sophie Galibert’s bold directorial debut is a fresh take on embracing adulthood and the choices women deserve to make over their bodies. Winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature Film (Online) at Tribeca Film Festival 2023.