Please note: this open-air film event is seated and seats are provided.

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'Interstella 5555 is great fun, and anyone who likes retro animation, or the music of Daft Punk, will love it.' - George Williamson, Eye for Film

'Interstella 5555... may not be the duo’s most recognizable work, but it’s a glorious one, a visual album-type project that brings two amazing art forms together seamlessly.' - Allegra Frank, Slate

This year is the 20th anniversary of the unique anime musical fantasy film conceived by Daft Punk as they produced Discovery, featuring every song – in order and with no dialogue - from the French house duo’s second album. Interstella 5555 is very rarely screened anywhere in the world, so don’t miss this exclusive chance to see it on the Summer Series stage screen on Millennium Square with a concert sound experience. Mixing science-fiction with the decadent world of show-business, Interstella 5555 tells the story of an alien rock band kidnapped by an evil music mogul on Earth and their number one fan who flies across the cosmos to rescue them. Inspired by ’70s anime, Daft Punk collaborated closely with legendary animator Leiji Matsumoto, best known for Space Battleship Yamato and Star Blazers, and director Kazuhisa Takenouchi who worked on Sailor Moon and the original Dragon Ball.