'As bleak as the settings may be, it has a delicious black comic streak and shares the buzz of personal re-awakening without ever feeling obvious or cheap. It turns out to be a beacon of warmth amid a frozen wasteland.' - Dave Calhoun, Time Out

'Compartment No. 6 evokes a powerful nostalgia for a type of loneliness we don't really have any more, and for the type of love that was its cure.' - Jessica Kiang, Variety

In the early 1990s, young Finnish archeology student Laura boards a train from Moscow to Murmansk in Russia’s far north; her goal is to look at some ancient rocks. In her cheap shared sleeper cabin she’s dismayed to find a vodka-swilling, trash-talking young Russian, Ljoha, who is heading to work in the mines. They have 1200 miles and two days together, a worrisome prospect at first, but what transpires between them is warm, surprising, and achingly human. Pre-smartphone loneliness has never felt so lovely.