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"It’s riveting stuff, aided by Vicky Krieps’s bold and brilliant turn." - Anna Smith, Time Out

"Kreutzer’s rendition of one of history’s most tragic tales is an inspired addition to period films dedicated to complex women." - Rafaela Sales Ross, The Playlist

The memory of ‘Sissi’, Habsburg Empress Elisabeth of Austria, long ago morphed into kitsch memorabilia across Europe. With Corsage, actress Vicky Krieps rips up all the tweeness and starts again. Krieps proposed this revisionist film to director Marie Kreutzer, and here Krieps portrays Sissi with 2022-style diffidence, replacing a sappy legend with vibrant nowness. As Sissi moves across Europe, bored and searching, she pines for independence, and Leeds film pioneer Louis Le Prince is a sometime interloper. Winner of the Un Certain Regard Best Performance award at Cannes 2022.