"An endlessly creative vision of art and cinema." - Elena Lazic, The Playlist

"Avid Dalinians will want to see how the film treats their idol but, most of all, Dupieux’s own buoyant cult status will give this joyous fantasia some vibrant niche traction." - Jonathan Romney, Screen International

French absurdist master Quentin Dupieux (Deerskin, Smoking Causes Coughing) is the perfect director for this spirited tribute to notorious surrealist Salvador Dali. Daaaaali! is a playful and often hilarious mockumentary with a labyrinthine plot involving overlapping dream sequences, unpredictable leaps in time and no less than five different actors portraying the artist. A nervous pharmacist turned journalist (played by Dupieux regular Anaïs Demoustier) has to keep coming up with ever more elaborate ruses to get a promised interview with Dali, who in turn makes ever more outrageous demands. Everything is a performance and nothing is quite what it seems.