A key early work of the Czech New Wave, Jan Němec’s extraordinary debut feature remains an electrifying and deeply original work of cinema. Almost entirely dialogue free, the film chronicles the journey of two teenage escapees from a train bound for a Nazi concentration camp. The boys’ desperation and extreme hunger are masterfully evoked through the film’s striking cinematography and dynamic editing. Screening with Němec’s earlier short film Loaf of Bread, a precursor to Diamonds. As Němec said, ‘in Loaf the boys are planning to escape and need bread, and Diamonds captures their escape.’

Presented as part of a selection of Jan Němec films in partnership with the Czech Centre in London. The selection also includes: The Party and the Guests & Mother and Son, and The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street & The Oratorio for Prague.

Ticket offers: the LIFF 2017 Pass is incredible value or see 6 films for the price of 5 (available by phone or in person only).

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