Available to rent on Leeds Film Player from 29th March - 30th April 2021 for £5


When a squadron of rookie pilots arrive in the midst of a space battle they find themselves heavily outnumbered and outgunned. When a trainee pilot and her gunner crash land on an alien planet it looks like they will be marooned unless they can salvage parts from a nearby ship. However, there is another survivor - an enemy pilot who is determined to prevent their escape. With breathtaking cinematography and visual effects, director Marc Price (Colin, LIFF2008 & Nightshooters, LIFF2019) had to radically rethink the film’s shoot when COVID-19 restrictions came in before filming was complete.

Writer/director Marc Price will be a guest on the Sci-Fi Script Surgery masterclass on Friday 26 March at 18:00. Details of this event can be found here




Film Poster for Dune Drifter