Veijo is a mechanic in a small Finnish town, who has a sideline in euthanizing unwanted pets. A staunch animal-lover he believes ‘everyone has to pay for the pain that they’ve caused’ and metes out his own brand of justice on those whom he deems unworthy to own animals. His human relationships are complicated, from his abusive father who is dying in hospital to Lotta, the woman he befriends with a strange sexual perversion, but when he crosses the local white supremacist gang leader over the treatment of his dog he finds himself in mortal danger.

‘Many inspiring B-movies are “A-movies” for me. There will probably always be a B-movie vibe in my films. In the beginning, I had the idea of making a hard-boiled 1970s genre film, like Dirty Harry or Death Wish. In the process, I was also thinking of films like Taxi Driver and other violent movies with a strong vigilante as a protagonist.’ Teemu Nikki, Director.