"Kaurismaki fashions a gentle, profound, hopeful cinematic gem about the human condition in Fallen Leaves that is of the times yet timeless." - Namrata Joshi, The New Indian Express

"An unexpected crowd-pleaser from a minimalist master." - Peter Howell, Toronto Star

The great Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki returns with Fallen Leaves, a sublime love story told with his customary deadpan wit and flawless visual style. Fate brings two lonely souls together one night in a melancholy karaoke bar in Helsinki. Ansa is an exploited supermarket worker who can’t stand the food waste created by her employers. Holappa is a construction worker who is struggling with a drinking problem. Despite being drawn to each other, various obstacles stand in their way. A profound and heartwarming drama that doubles as a love letter to cinema.

These screenings will be presented with additional descriptive subtitles of non-dialogue audio. Visit our Accessible Screenings at LIFF 2023 page for more information and other accessible screenings at the festival.

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