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"An engrossing account of a voyage to the dark side of permanent daylight." - Wendy Ide, Screen International

"This transfixing drama is certainly austere. But there’s also a marvelously odd vein of sneaky humor running through it, along with an unpredictability that keeps you glued." - David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

Being too pious can land us in all sorts of trouble. In the late 1800s, a Lutheran priest travelled from Denmark to remote coastal Iceland to establish a parish church. The idealist’s journey was arduous but filled with extraordinary beauty; the changing seasons indicating God’s power, or perhaps his indifference. Epic adventure Godland was inspired by a collection of photographs depicting this journey, which were the last known movements of the photographer on his fateful mission. A haunting film for the biggest of screens, laced with sly humour amidst doctrine-vs-nature hubris.