Our popular horror shorts selection returns and includes the last recorded footage of a murdered couple on Dartmoor, a formidable female gang in France named the ‘Wolves’ and a woman who has started to date a poltergeist. Meanwhile, we’ll also discover the terrifying rituals of a rural Welsh community, as well as the murderous gnome creatures that can be encountered on your daily run. To close the programme, we’ll meet a woman hiding a mysterious growth and attend a feast catered by a magical fridge.

The Devil's Footprints Dean Puckett | United Kingdom | 2023 | 12mins | Yorkshire Premiere

She-Wolves Lucie Cabon | France | 2023 | 22mins | UK Premiere

Pablo, Honey! Jamie Yuan | United Kingdom | 2023 | 10mins | Yorkshire Premiere

The Wyrm of Bwlch Pen Barras Craig Williams | United Kingdom | 2023 | 17mins

Gnomes Ruwan Heggelman | Netherlands | 2023 | 5mins | Yorkshire Premiere

Spoor Sunita Soliar, Statten Roeg | United Kingdom | 2023 | 14mins | Yorkshire Premiere

The Feast Simón Bucher, Claudia Saldivia, Amanda Rivera | Chile | 2023 | 8mins | UK Premiere

NASTY VIDEOS Alice & Ren Sanders White | United Kingdom | 2023 | 7mins | Yorkshire Premiere