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The screening of Huesera on 5 November is also part of Day of the Dead 2022.

"The debut feature from Michelle Garza Cervera is ripe with beautiful imagery, heavy atmosphere, and scares that are well-earned and unforgettable." - Alejandra Martinez, We Got This Covered

"La Huesera is at times spine-chillingly terrifying." - Manuel Betancourt, Variety

"Huesera is a powerful, complex creation that leaves behind a torrent of emotions. It is a stellar debut from a new and bold voice in horror." - Kristy Strouse, Film Inquiry

The fears and anxieties that come from being a first-time mother power this poignant, creepy, and often nerve-rattling feature debut from Mexican filmmaker Michelle Garza Cervera. Valeria and her husband, Raul, have finally seen one of their dreams come true: Valeria is pregnant. At first, everything seems perfect. Gradually, though, her mood darkens. With motherhood upon her, Valeria can't shake off heavy self-doubt and a pervasive dread, the latter stemming from visions of spider-like presences and other possibly supernatural threats, all of which may be the work of an entity known as “La Huesera”.