This screening will be followed by a Q&A with participating directors. 

Dream is a collection of six short films including two narratives, two documentaries and two animations from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania and Lithuania. 

These films reflect on unfulfilled dreams, the places we explore when we’re asleep and how sometimes our biggest dreams can turn into our darkest nightmares. From an electrician’s fever dream to an elderly woman looking back on her life in Cyprus. From neighbours reflecting on how little they know each other, to a woman dreaming of an unlikely future during a traumatic childbirth. These films will question how you dream when both asleep and awake. 

Ρέβ (Dream) dir. Nikolas Kasinos, Cyprus, 2020, documentary, 25mins

A woman’s life of loneliness and regret reflected upon through memories, contradictions and stolen dreams. Nikolas Kasinos’s documentary of his grandmother’s life through a day of conversations with her is an affecting representation of a whole generation of women. 

Electrician’s Day dir. Vladimir Leschiov, Latvia, 2018, animation, 9mins

Working outside the walls of a psychiatric hospital, an electrician is distracted by a dancing patient, falling to the ground and losing consciousness. When he wakes inside the hospital, he begins to question his own reality. A surreal reflection on history, dreams and the present from one of Latvia’s most renowned animators. 

ELENA dir. Birutė Sodeikaitė, Lithuania, 2021, animation, 13mins

After falling for a mythical red crane, Elena realises a seed is growing inside her. Not wanting to lose her dream-like life in the clouds, she removes the seed and struggles with the consequences. A unique exploration of abortion and the emotions surround it, told through fantastical stop motion puppetry. 

Intercom 15 dir. Andrei Epure, Romania, 2021, drama, 22mins

An unconscious woman is found outside an apartment block by residents who know she lives on the third floor, but realise they know nothing else about her. Through this realisation, they reflect on how there can be such detachment among people living so close. A stark look at human connection and unfulfilled dreams. 

Powernapper’s Paradise dir. Samir Arabzadeh, Sweden, 2022, documentary, 14mins

A Swedish man living in the Philippines discovers the culture of napping at work. Whilst investigating how this culture came to be, he reconsiders the working conditions of his homeland. Samir Arabzadeh’s documentary provides an insight into understanding cultural norms and the complications of wishing for a different life. 

Dream dir. Helena Fikerová and Tereza Říhová, Czech Republic, 2021, folk-horror, 9mins

Harsh reality and the ethereal natural landscape collide as a young woman gives birth. As dreams and reality intertwine, both turn into nightmares. Helena Fikerová and Tereza Říhová’s graduate film is a dizzying look at heritage and folklore.