This screening will be followed by a Q&A with participating directors. 

Grow is a collection of six short narrative films and one docu-drama from France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland. 

This programme explores how we develop and interact with others as we age. Each film looks at how our opinions and actions are guided by those around us, discovering ourselves as a person and how things change as we grow up. Four teenagers in Geneva realise that they won’t be together forever, a young girl explores her sexuality in Spain whilst reconnecting with her father and an argument between generations over Christmas dinner can only be stopped with drastic measures. 

Garconne dir. Nicolas Sarkissian, France, 2014, drama, 30mins

A girl, almost 18, longs to escape the boredom of her bourgeoisie family in 1920s rural France. This longing leads her on a journey of self discovery at the bottom of a lake. A wistful tale of puberty and sexuality set against the idyllic French countryside. 

Resistance dir. Benjamin Hujawa, Germany, 2019, drama, 3mins

Conversation around the Christmas dinner table goes round in circles as differences in generational opinions come to light. Only something drastic will end it. A brief, comedic look at conflicting family politics. 

The Penguin's Flight dir. Stella Serefoglou, Greece, 2021, drama, 15mins

Living with her inattentive father whilst her parents divorce, a young girl spends her days looking out for herself and her cat. When her cat runs away, she searches for the only source of affection she still had. An affecting portrayal of isolation and shattered expectations of youth. 

End of Puberty dir. Fanni Szilágyi, Hungary, 2015, drama, 13mins

Two twin sisters explore sexuality after they meet a boy down by the lake. Their contrasting reactions expose that they may not be young and together forever. Featuring in competition at Toronto International Film Festival, this coming-of-age tale aches with teenage angst. 

Perpetua Felicidad dir. Isa Luengo and Sofía Esteve, Spain, 2022, drama, 21mins

A young girl explores her sexuality whilst her father recovers from a laryngectomy. Tensions arise as they navigate new ways of communication. A poignant look at evolving family dynamics. 

Oldschool dir. Yasmine Bahechar, Switzerland, 2020, docu-fiction, 19mins

A friendship group is broken after one of them announces she is moving away. Over their last few days together, the girls realise that their whole lives are changing. Yasmine Bahechar’s graduation film is a stirring reminder that friendships aren’t always forever.