The INDIs Short Film Competition Awards returns for its 8th edition with a showcase of the best new short films from up and coming young filmmakers from around the country.

The shortlisted films have been selected from over 400 submissions and are presented in three age categories: 15-18, 19-21 and 22-25.


See below for the full programme! 

15 - 18

All of the Feels 

dir. Elissa Morgan-Williamson

A classic rom-com meet cute which is too good to be true.

The Nest

Dir. Benjamin Oxley

A young couple move in to a new home and discover an unsettling presence.

Leech ヒル

Dir. Theo Shorrocks

In this psychological horror, a man's obsession with Japan begins to both haunt and torment him after discovering a mysterious video that intrudes on his peaceful life.

A Tortured Soul 

Dir. Jacob Bennet 

A widower yearning seclusion, an opportunity to get away is still disturbed by his deceased wife.

A Nasty Piece of Work 

Dir. Flo Iris Ison

An artist struggles to perfect the second eye of her self-portrait.

Where Did My Sun Go? 

Dir. Darcy Grace McCullen

Where did my sun go?' Is an experimental poetic film, based on a poem written by myself. The meaning is up to the viewer's interpretation, although the film was inspired by the feeling of grief.


Dir. Taylor Clarke 

A short animated film.

Tone Deaf

Dir. Jack William Flavell

Alex is attempting to make their way home, but gets into a run with some aggressive muggers, a terrifying situation, especially for someone who can't hear what's coming...

Driven to Despair

Dir. Laura Marcy

Driven To Despair is about a girl with OCD who is guided by her mental health issue and rigidly sticks to situations she knows she can control.

19 - 25

Lamp Post

Dir. Jamie Hall  

Two friends try making their own film. Everything is going smoothly, until one of them disappears behind a lamp post.

Getting to the Moon 

Dir. Jacob Nicholson 

A whimsical animation that follows a young astronaut in 1969 as he tries to get to the moon by various means before meeting another astronaut with the same goal.

Boing Boing the Bouncing Sheep 

Dir. Leo Wright

Barbra, a sad, grey sheep is miserable because she cannot bounce like her best friend Boing Boing, whom is a yellow sheep. Therefore, Boing Boing thinks of a way to make Barbra be able to bounce, so he gets her a trampoline.


The Florist 

Dir. Maisy Crabtree

The Florist is about the relationship between two young adults, as we watch their love flourish. In a post-pandemic world of doorstep delivery, The Florist looks at modern romance and the possibilities that people have quite literally on their doorstep.

Monkey or Man 

Dir. Oscar Hewitt

When a circus trio have a particularly disastrous show, Mandy the Acrobat must decide whether to run away from the circus, or to stay and help her friends.


Dir. Eloise Jenninger

In the middle of a crowded city, a child notices a homeless person.


Dir. Emily May Beach

Following the story of my rescue dog, Fred, 'Podenco' guides you through his life from stray puppy to beloved family dog. Voiced in Spanish and told from Fred's point of view, it brings attention to the mistreatment of the podencos in Spain from a personal and immersive angle.

She, My Angel 

Dir. Finn Morgan-Roberts

'She, my Angel' is a surreal short film built around a poetic monologue, from the perspective of a monk trying to imagine what an angel might look like.


Dir. Emmanuel Li 

Would the apocalypse really be all that bad? Teenage Freddie certainly doesn't think so, as he boogies his troubles away on a gorgeous sunny hill. But he can only outrun his troubles for so long.

The Last Straw 

Dir. Cleo Parker

Cyril the Scarecrow is terrified of birds. How will he manage to scare away Bertie the crow who just won't leave him alone?

The Mask 

Dir. Molly Veal

A chimp trapped in captivity longs for a life of freedom. When a young girl visits the zoo with her mother, she encourages him to break free of his enclosure and seek out a new life.

French Windows 

Dir. Jack Osmond

Stop-motion and printed music video for an orchestral-pop song.

22 - 25

Talking Heads

Dir. Lauren Sandercock 

A comedic stop-frame commentary on classic horror mask collecting, through the classic characters themselves.


Chopping Wood Chips 

Dir. Rita Ataide Novais, Alize Sotelo

What’s an IKEA table breaking point at the weight of a crumbling friendship? A cubist short about two friends, a lost table and its replacement.

Mixed Feelings 

Dir. Nozomi 雷希望

Mixed Feelings' is a micro-short documentary film exploring mixed identity, through the filmmaker's own Mixed East Asian heritage. This is the first version of 'Mixed Feelings'.


Dir. Benedict Webb

After a young man agrees to help an elderly neighbour with their grocery shopping through lockdown, they form an unlikely friendship that changes them both.

Bits and Bobs

Dir. Lucy Ellis 

Through collecting materials, I explored the form of the objects as they are, and how they can be manipulated through stop motion.

Please Clap 

Dir. Khalidah McLarty

After being suddenly fired from his job, Mikey the clown must confront the complex feelings he has regarding his persona.


Dir. Emily Macrander 

On a night out, a girl overdoses at an underground rave. Unfolding in reverse chronology, ‘Rave’ traces the events of the night back to the beginning, revealing the intertwining stories of the people involved, including Jade whose night takes an unexpected turn after she finds herself alone at a rave.

The Burglary

Dir. Michael Houghton 

After his flat is burgled, Seth K. struggles against his flatmate, the police, and the tower block in which he lives to regain his stolen possessions and find the intruder(s).