Available on Leeds Film Player from 29th March - 11th April 2021

Industry Voices is a co-production between SIGN (Screen Industries Growth Network) and Candour Productions. The series recounts the lived experiences of diverse individuals within the screen industries and explores their views on how things need to change within the film, TV and games industries. In each film, a screen industry professional tells their own story. These individuals have experienced discrimination or lack of opportunity based on prejudice towards their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, class, background, regionality, or a combination of these things.

To accompany the films there will be a FREE panel discussion led by Dr Beth Johnson from Leeds University on Saturday 10th April at 15:00 - 16:00. For more information and to reserve your ticket, go to the event page here.

The films and event are presented in partnership with the University of Leeds and Candour Productions.

The series of films include the following speakers:


Presenter and comedian, Sideman, talks about the lack of equality, diversity and inclusion in the screen industries and shares his own experience of speaking out against racism.

Liana Stewart

Liana Stewart, documentary producer and director, speaks about how being female, Black and working class have acted as barriers in her career.

Lisa Holdsworth

Lisa Holdsworth, screenwriter and Chair of the Writers’ Guild, speaks about the limited world-view present in the screen industries and how real action is urgently needed to make the industry a more inclusive place.

Fozia Khan

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Fozia Khan, speaks about how being a woman and a working mum functioned as barriers for her when it came to career progression.

Corey Brotherson

Corey Brotherson, games writer, shares his experiences of working in the games industry, and talks about the glass ceilings working against marginalised groups.

Sean McAllister

Documentary filmmaker and producer, Sean McAllister, speaks about his experience as a working class person in the screen industries.

Sam Fray

Diversity manager, Sam Fray, talks about her experience as a Black Yorkshire woman working in the screen industries, and the pressure she feels to succeed.

Nick Ransom

Speaking about how privilege can’t always be seen, TV researcher, Nick Ransom, shares his experience as a neurodiverse person working in the screen industries.

Esta Yemaya

Esta Yemaya, a broadcast journalist, talks about the challenges of working in the screen industries as a mother and as a person of mixed heritage.

Sally Ogden

Documentary producer, Sally Ogden, talks about how the screen industries won’t become a more inclusive place to work without diversifying the gatekeepers.

Leah Magoye

Games writer, Leah Magoye, shares her experience of existing in the intersection of being Black, a woman, a single parent and having mental health issues while working in the screen industries.

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