"A claustrophobic nightmare that plays out like a thriller, made all the more terrifying by the very real issues behind it." - Serena Seghdoni, Loud and Clear Reviews

"With its gorgeous cinematography and an incredible performance from Mouna Hawa, Inshallah A Boy proves that freedom is in the fight." - Stephanie Archer, Film Inquiry

Nawal has just lost her husband but has no time to grieve. Under the laws of Jordan, she must give her dead husband’s brother part of the inheritance, something that she cannot afford to do. And if Nawal had a son and not a daughter, she would have to do no such thing. Determined to find some other way around, Nawal fakes a pregnancy and becomes embroiled in a steely legal fight. A feisty slice of social cinema, this charts the everyday pressures on ordinary Jordanians with a gritty tension.

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