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We're delighted to welcome director Moshe Rosenthal to the screening on 17 November for an introduction and Q&A.

"Moshe Rosenthal’s comedic cautionary tale on love, friendships, and the art of karaoke is worthy of applause." - Ashley Lara, The Spool

The delightful and poignant first feature from Moshe Rosenthal, with three terrific lead performances, Karaoke is an offbeat comedy about a suburban couple in their 60s who are drawn to their charismatic new neighbour. Meir and Tova live a middle-class life in a sleepy suburb, beset with an unspoken sense of disappointment and regret. When bachelor Itzik, a former Miami-based modelling-agent, moves into the top-floor penthouse of their building and starts hosting lively karaoke evenings, their lust for life is reignited and they start to compete for his attention.