All films are available on the Leeds Film Player from March 29-April 30, and tickets are FREE! 

The Leeds Young Film short film competition aims to spotlight the best short films for children. The 20 films in the competition were made by filmmakers all over the world and will be available to view from March 29-April 30, so don't miss out! The competition will be judged by our jury of industry professionals, and the winners will be announced 21 April.

This category focuses on animated short films!

Just Play 

Dir. Kirill Chikalin
Runtime: 3 mins 

Two adult desk lamps play chess. A young playful lamp tries to understand the rules of the game but in its own way. The young lamp jumps onto a chessboard and scatters all chess pieces, and ruins the game. Will the adults accept the new rules?

Goodbye Home

Dir. Jonathan Chong
Runtime: 6 mins 

On a hot summer day, a young boy lounges in a tyre swing hanging from the big branch of an old ghost gum. He peers through binoculars to catch glimpses of a baby koala and its parents living at the top of the gum’s mighty trunk. The surrounding bush vibrates with native animal life. In the distance, plumes of grey smoke rise above the coastal landscape, showering the horizon with ash.

Beyond the Line 

Dir. Jinuk Choi
Runtime: 3 mins 

A wheelchair dreams of one day being fast like a racing car. One night, the wheelchair decides to do its own race in the hospital hallway. Will the wheelchair be able to fulfill his dream tonight?

Derek the Sheep - The Grass is Always Greener

Dir. Doctor Simpo
Runtime: 6 mins 
Rating: 12A

Derek is a sheep and sheep really love grass, there is some really lovely looking grass on the other side of the river...but how will Derek get across to eat it?

Clara and Claus

Dir. Candice MacAllister
Runtime: 4 mins 

Two dancing sweethearts blown apart by the winds of fate, begin an adventure to piece themselves back together.

You Sold My Rollerskates? 

Dir: Margaux CAZAL, Jeanne HAMMEL, Louis HOLMES, Sandy LACHKAR, Agathe LEROUX, Léa REY--MAUZAIZE
Runtime: 6 mins 

Treachery! Lou’s mum sold his beloved rollerskates at the garage sale. A series of strange and revealing encounters begin when he goes looking for them in the buzzing crowd.


Dir. Victor CHAGNIOT, Camille BROUTIN, Matthieu DAURES, Victoria DE MILLO GREGORY, Maxime JOUNIOT, Jade KHOO
Runtime: 5 mins 

A young lizard named Clarence steals a precious plane while the whole village is distracted by the greatest concert it has ever seen.

Hedgehog Spikiney 

Dir. Tihoni Brčić
Runtime: 7 mins 

Spikiney is a hardworking and altruistic hedgehog who runs a soup kitchen for the needy community. The food disappears one winter night, endangering their existence. Spikiney friends - the old monkey with a cane, the orphan squirrel, a strayed bird and the beaver with a rubber flipper for a tail bravely join him on the quest to find the stolen food. They suspect a monster is the thief. The trail takes them to the ominous cave, where they need to bravely confront the monster…

Just an Ordinary Day 

Dir. Adrian Bojić, Rita Bjedov
Runtime: 3 mins 

Tale of life by the sea, underwater life and life on a surface.


Dir. Mengyuan Guo, Naicheng Liu, Suhn Young Chung
Runtime: 3 mins 

This is a story about a pickpocket who wants to steal a wallet from a magician but can’t get it because it is a magician’s pocket, but in the end, he gets punished / butt-slapped. And this all means do not try to steal.