This special preview of Broker includes a pre-recorded Q&A with director Hirokazu Kore-eda which will be presented after the screening. The running time of Broker is 129 minutes and the Q&A will be approximately 17 minutes.

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"One of the year's most delightful films." - Nicolas Barber, BBC

"The execution of this premise is, somehow, miraculous in its sensitivity, asking questions about issues of ethics, of choice, of money, and murder, and family, and how to find love in all this sorry mess." - Ella Kemp, IndieWire

"The serene acoustic guitar plucking wafting through the scenes perfectly matches the low-key devastation that germinates as the film progresses, sweet and sorrowful while stopping short of browbeating sentimentality." - Charles Bramesco, Little White Lies

Sometimes we do get to choose our family. Sang-hyeon (Parasite’s Song Kang-ho), runs a humble laundry business but also a more lucrative side line: he and business partner Dong-soo find adoptive parents for abandoned babies, for a fee. When mother So-young returns to the church where she left her son, she discovers that he’s been swiped by the pair and joins them to help screen for his new parents. A typically affecting tale of an irregular family from director Hirokazu Kore-eda (Shoplifters, LIFF 2018), and winner of the Cannes 2022 Best Actor for Song.