Tickets are £8 full price, £7 concession, and £5 for ages 25 and under. No booking fee is applied.

Satyajit Ray adapts Tagore’s short story of a nineteenth-century, liberal, upper-class family and a complex web of relationships and emotions. Neglected housewife Charulata’s latent ambition for writing is stirred by her brother-in-law, with whom she becomes infatuated. The film echoes Tagore’s own bond with his sister-in-law Kadambari, Madhabi’s nuanced performance, Soumitra’s youthful charm, Bansi Chadragupta’s art direction, Subrata Mitra’s camera, and both Ray’s direction and music combine to create a one of the classics of world cinema.

Satyajit Ray's Charulata and The Big City are screening as part of LIFF Presents thanks to the British Film Institute. The BFI is presenting a complete Satyajit Ray season in London to mark the great filmmaker's centenary last year and 75 years of Indian independence.

‘I feel that an ordinary person... is a more challenging subject for exploration than people in the heroic mould.’ – Satyajit Ray