We're curating special programmes of films available online to share with you while we all miss going to the cinema...

LIFF Presents a selection of 9 comedy-horror short films, all audience favourites from the last ten years of our Fanomenon programme section, inspired by themes of being trapped indoors, finding yourself in an unfamiliar situation or dealing with the unknown.

Keep Calm and Fanomenon includes 4 British shorts, all with a deliciously dark sense of humour. Unable to go outside, Timothy and Raymond attempt to make tea by substituting missing ingredients in Milk! (LIFF 2015), while Reece Shearsmith plays an agoraphobic serial killer with a nosy neighbour in Him Indoors (LIFF 2012). Clanker Man (LIFF 2017) sees a beleaguered council worker trying to hold the fabric of reality together in the face of staff shortages, while in Hatch (LIFF 2010) a man gives birth to an egg...

The rest of the programme includes: The Procedure from the USA (LIFF 2016) where an anonymous victim has to endure a weird experiment; Hunger (LIFF 2013) from Turkey where a family has a novel way to deal with rationing; and Brutal Relax from Portugal (LIFF 2011), a hilariously gory romp about a recovering psychopath whose holiday is rudely interrupted.

Completing the programme are two shorts that demonstrate the importance of following the guidelines for hygiene and social distancing. In BLARGHAAAHRGARG from Portugal (LIFF 2010), failure to clean up a lab accident spawns an unspeakable terror. Hand in Hand from Switzerland (LIFF 2019) is a warning against excessive handshaking.

This selection of horror-comedies is approximately 80 minutes long - perfect to watch in a single sitting, or pick and choose whenever you find yourself with a few minutes to spare. All the films are free-to-view and can be accessed from within each page below.

We hope you enjoy the selection. Stay safe and wash your hands!

Please note this selection is recommended certificate 18.

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