Ages 10-13 years

1.30pm - Drop off at The Carriageworks 


Cricket and Antoinette

A new take on the famous fairy tale first told by Aesop. Ket, a guitar playing cricket, leads a band to entertain the carefree bugs. Nearby lives Antoinette, heiress of the anthill where music is forbidden and only discipline and hard work are allowed. By accident they meet but an over-ambitious ant tries to ruin their plans and a brave rescue is needed!




Manchester, 1984. Based on true events, this funny and touching family film, tells the story of when a young lad on the streets of Manchester with an extraordinary talent for football gets discovered by legendary football manager Sir Matt Busby.

6:15pm - Pick up at The Carriageworks 

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Your child/ward will need to bring a packed lunch/tea with them. More information will be sent to you once you have confirmed your booking.