Ages 10-13 years

1.30pm - Drop off at The Carriageworks 


Lucy Wanted

10-year-old Lucy is basically too good for this world. She is well-behaved, kind and perfect in every situation. Her best friend Rima and she herself want to make the world a little better with every little action. But then disaster threatens: Lucy’s parents run an ice cream parlour, and when the expensive ice cream machine breaks down, the parlour is threatened with closure. Lucy wants to prevent this at all costs.



My Robot Brother

After feeling isolated at school, things seem to change for Alberte when she is given the latest android companion; but is it right to feel such a deep connection with a robot?

6:15pm - Pick up at The Carriageworks 

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Your child/ward will need to bring a packed lunch/tea with them. More information will be sent to you once you have confirmed your booking.