After a nasty scooter accident, a pizza delivery boy named Angelino begins seeing strange, otherworldly things lurking in the alleyways of the urban jungle where he lives. Soon, he and his friends are on the run from gun-toting federal agents, monstrous shapeshifters, and a sinister alien organization bent on world domination. Hip-hop, anime, and cosmic horror collide to thrilling effect in this action-packed adaptation of co-director Guillaume ‘Run’ Renard’s best-selling comic book. The other co-director is Japinese animator Shoujirou Nishimi who has worked on Mind Game, Tekkonkinkreet, and Batman: Gotham Knight.

The screening on 5th November is also part of Animation Sunday and a pass for the event is available for £27 / £22 or for FREE with a LIFF 2017 Pass or see 6 films for the price of 5 (available by phone or in person only)

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