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"Revolving around a student called Sohee and her spiralling life as a call centre worker, Next Sohee is a full-throated condemnation of the exploitation and abandonment of disfranchised young people by employers, schools and the authorities alike." - Clarence Tsui, South China Morning Post

"There’s a real sense of fury behind this film... Next Sohee speaks for people who do not have a voice, and it does so eloquently." - Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

Based on a tragic true story, July Jung’s Next Sohee is a strong indictment of exploitation in the job market in South Korea. Sohee is a cheerful and tenacious high-school student with a passion for dance. She signs a contract through her school to start an internship at a call centre but soon realises she is caught in a toxic work environment where trainees are abused and bonuses are non-existent. When her overworked supervisor is found dead, Sohee begins a psychological descent. The consequences lead to an investigation by Detective Yoo-jin who is determined to search for answers.