Part of Night of the Dead on 17 November at Hyde Park Picture House from 11pm. For more information and to book a Night of the Dead pass, please visit the following link: Night of the Dead.

No matter your flavour of fear, there’s something for everyone in our Night of the Dead short film selection which will be presented throughout the night among the features. A social worker discovers a mysterious manhole in the home of two children, toilet humour turns terrifying when somebody refuses to flush and a stroll through the woods quickly turns bloody. Meanwhile, a couple of new parents’ worst nightmares comes true, the future of social media has never been darker, and we see just how far a mother would go to save her son. 

Hole | Hyein Hwang | Korea, Republic of | 2023 | 23mins | UK Premiere

Gnomes | Ruwan Heggelman | Netherlands | 2023 | 5mins | Yorkshire Premiere

Seeding, Blossoming, Fruiting | Junsong Ling | China | 2023 | 16mins | World Premiere

The Hereafter | Ryan Noufer | United States | 2022 | 21mins | UK Premiere

Floater | D.M. Harring | United States | 2023 | 13mins | UK Premiere

Our Haunt | Daniel Ashley Reisinger | Australia | 2023 | 11mins | International Premiere