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Both screenings of Return to Dust will include subtitles for the D/deaf and people experiencing hearing loss.

"Reminiscent of Ozu’s masterpieces ... [with] shades of Tokyo Story energies concerning a couple literally cast off by society and family as the world reshapes itself precariously around them" – Ion Cinema

“Thought-provoking... with beautifully-judged performances that radiate warmth and encourage empathy. It marks Li Ruijun as a significant cinematic talent” – Deadline

“An absorbing, beautifully framed drama…gentle and soulful” – Variety

A tender tale about the transformative nature of love, Return to Dust - the sixth film by acclaimed Chinese director Li Ruijun expands into a poignant story of resilience against the odds. Humble, unassuming Ma and timid Cao are two middle aged outcasts forced into an arranged marriage by their families. Together they discover the small joys in the changing seasons and the strength to endure the hardship of poverty. In the face of much adversity, an unexpected bond begins to blossom, as both Ma and Cao, uniting with Earth’s cycles, create a precious haven for themselves.