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The screening will include subtitles for the D/deaf and people experiencing hearing loss.

The Augmented Bodies talk from Stuart Murray and Anna McFarlane will follow the screening.

Classic action thriller set in a near-future world where the Detroit’s streets are patrolled by cyborg police. When officer Murphy is killed on duty, tech corporation Omni Consumer Products uses his body to construct a prototype ‘RoboCop’. Engineered to be invincible and keep costs down, Murphy’s resurrection takes its own path as his memories resurface. Verhoeven’s fast-paced thriller balances high octane action and violence with subversive critiques of American culture. Followed by a talk on Technology and Augmented Bodies organised by the University of Leeds.

Screening as part of Disability Futures, presented by LIFF 2022 and the University of Leeds, with funding from the Wellcome Trust. Disability Futures is also presented in partnership with injury and litigation specialist law firm Stewarts.