In this year’s sci-fi selection, we follow a lone probe as it collects music amongst the infinite fields of sounds, a woman is thwarted by captcha technology and a snow creature tries to protect the last natural ice left in the world. Elsewhere, a man ducks out of ending a relationship by recruiting a clone replacement, meanwhile, a couple instead grapple with rapidly multiplying clones of themselves. And finally, we look to the skies, as a NASA scientist bonds with his son over an accidental discovery and two prisoners share a cell in space.

Record. Play. Stop. | Neeraj Bhattacharjee | India | 2023 | 6mins

I'm not a robot | Victoria Warmerdam | Netherlands | 2023 | 22mins

Stolen Tundra | Jonah Z Helms | United States | 2022 | 13mins

Iris | Francis Tamburin | United Kingdom | 2023 | 14mins

Radio Telescope | Tanner Beard | United States | 2023 | 17mins

Variations on a Theme | Peter Collins Campbell | United States | 2022 | 7mins

Noah's Belt | Kevin Staake | United States | 2023 | 16mins