Join the Secret Silver Screen Society!


As part of the Secret Silver Screen Society you will be invited to go on a journey and explore the Library, Art Gallery, Carriageworks Theatre, and Museum to help you on your quest. Along the way you will meet official members of the Secret Silver Screen Society, watch a film, follow some trails across the venues, and discover ideas to help you along the way!


As part of this experience, you will get to watch Gulliver Returns, we would recommend you allow for at least an hour after the screening to complete your quest.

Please note we are screening Gulliver Returns without the experience should you wish. To book for the film only please visit here


For more information on the Secret Silver Screen Society please visit here.


Gulliver Returns:

Gulliver Returns is a fun and adventure-filled re-imagining of the classic Gulliver’s Travels story from the team behind Moana, Zootopia, and Big Hero 6.
World traveller, giant and adventurer – Gulliver – is invited to return to Lilliput, the town he previously saved from the enemy fleet of the neighbouring Blefuscu.
But when Gulliver returns as an ordinary man, the townfolks are less than welcoming… Meanwhile, the invincible Blefuscu armada is at the gates of the city and threatening with another attack.

Gulliver will have to prove that it is not necessary to be a giant to do great things, but that a little bit of luck, bravery, friendship and sword skills are all you need!

Age classification subject to licensing by Leeds City Council