Join the Secret Silver Screen Society!


As part of the Secret Silver Screen Society you will be invited to go on a journey and explore the Library, Art Gallery, Carriageworks Theatre, and Museum to help you on your quest. Along the way you will meet official members of the Secret Silver Screen Society, watch a film, follow some trails across the venues, and discover ideas to help you along the way!


As part of this experience, you will get to watch Kiwi and Strit, we would recommend you allow for at least an hour after the screening to complete your quest.

Please note we are screening Kiwi and Strit without the experience should you wish. To book for the film only please visit here

For more information on the Secret Silver Screen Society please visit here.


Kiwi & Strit:

The two funny and furry little creatures Kiwi and Strit live in a clearing in the forest. Kiwi is considerate, careful and yellow, while Strit is wild and purple and they have very different approaches to almost everything. Both are playful, curious, and full of whimsy and wonder. An exciting and colourful adventure for very young audiences.


Age classification subject to licensing by Leeds City Council