Join the Secret Silver Screen Society!


As part of the Secret Silver Screen Society you will be invited to go on a journey and explore the Library, Art Gallery, Carriageworks Theatre, and Museum to help you on your quest. Along the way you will meet official members of the Secret Silver Screen Society, watch a film, follow some trails across the venues, and discover ideas to help you along the way!


As part of this experience, you will get to watch The Ape Star, we would recommend you allow for at least an hour after the screening to complete your quest.

Please note we are screening The Ape Star without the experience should you wish. To book for the film only please visit here

For more information on the Secret Silver Screen Society please visit here.


The Ape Star:

Suitable for 6+ due to the theme of adoption and subtitles.

Jonna has lived at the Renfanan children’s home her whole life. She’s always dreamed of having a mother. One day a gorilla pops round in a banged-up old car and adopts her. It takes a while for Jonna to get used to things with her new unusual adoptive mother, but just as things are settling down the local town councillor threatens their very home and livelihood. Can Jonna and gorilla find a way to stay together and be happy?
A charming hand-drawn animation based on a very popular Swedish children's book, The Ape Star asks the important question - who is your family?