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Join us for a special event screening of The Gallery at INDIs 2023, where the audience gets to decide what route the story will take in this interactive film experience.  

An art curator is held hostage by a portraitist who threatens to detonate a bomb unless their demands are met. The Gallerys interactivethe narrative will be set in either 1981 or 2021 - both years being of significant change in Britain. The viewer must make decisions in a bid to better understand and escape their captor. However, it soon becomes apparent that not only the life of the protagonist hinges on these decisions, but also the lives of others.


Paul Raschid

Paul is a London-based filmmaker with 6 feature-length writing/directing credits to date. My work has been selected for film festivals around the world and received various award nominations and wins; including a BAFTA Scotland for Shauna Macdonald's performance in 'White Chamber'.