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This feature film will also be available to view on Leeds Film Player from 12 to 17 November.

The Hamlet Syndrome is a life affirming documentary, revealing a group of young Ukrainians who are finding constructive ways to deal with years of war and upheaval. The film's starting point is the preparation for a play based on Hamlet, and as we get to know the personal lives of the actors, it becomes clear that engaging with Shakespeare’s characters creates a therapeutic way of processing trauma. This helps them put their lives back in order despite the Russian invasion of their country escalating the problems and prolonging their struggle.

The screenings of The Hamlet Syndrome at LIFF 2022 are part of the UK/Ukraine season, a new programme of cultural activity to support the Ukrainian cultural sector, produced by the British Council and Ukrainian Institute. We are also screening Brief Encounters and Pamfir in the Official Selection.