Banned for many years in its native Czechoslovakia, Jan Němec’s The Party and the Guests is a darkly comic and surreal satire of authoritarianism and a stark warning about the dangers of blind conformity. A picnic in the woods is brusquely interrupted by an impish and menacing figure who first interrogates the group before leading them to a birthday party at a nearby lake where the host and guests behave bizarrely. Screening with Němec’s short film Mother and Son, an absurdist tale about an adoring mother and her sadistic son.

Presented as part of a selection of Jan Němec films in partnership with the Czech Centre in London. The selection also includes: Diamonds of the Night & Loaf of Bread, and The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street & The Oratorio for Prague.

Ticket offers: the LIFF 2017 Pass is incredible value or see 6 films for the price of 5 (available by phone or in person only)

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