A funny and heartwarming documentary following a cast of neurodivergent teens as they prepare to hit the stage in their school’s time-travelling musical, dedicated to the doyen of the 80s Aussie power ballad, John Farnham. For expressive overachiever Halle, it will be an opportunity to honour her late aunt, who loved to sing. For methodical Josh, it will be a challenge to take seriously, while wide-eyed Elyse is just happy to be involved. And for charismatic Chelsea, it will be a chance to wow an audience with her undeniable comedic skill.

All screenings of this film will be presented with additional descriptive subtitles of non-dialogue audio. The screening at 10:30 on 12th November at Hyde Park Picture House is Pay as You Feel and is presented as a Relaxed Screening for neurodivergent audiences with their companions and assistants. Relaxed Screenings are specifically designed for those who would appreciate a less formal cinema environment. Film volume is lowered slightly and cinema light levels are raised slightly. For more information please email leeds.film@leeds.gov.uk, and visit our Accessible Screenings at LIFF 2023 page for more information and other accessible screenings at the festival.

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