'Ducournau's filmmaking is as pure as her themes are profane: to add insult to the very many injuries inflicted throughout, Titane is gorgeous to look at, to listen to, to obsess over, and fetishize.' - Jessica Kiang, The Playlist

'An intoxicating mix of grease, gore and gasoline.' - Hannah Strong, Little White Lies

‘Titane is a transgressive blast of energy.’ - Rory O'Connor, The Film Stage

The winner of this year’s Cannes Palme d’Or, Titane is Julia Ducournau’s second jaw-dropping feature after her cannibal coming-of-age debut Raw (LIFF 2016). A violent car accident leaves long-lasting repercussions: a child carries a titanium plate in their skull; a car-showroom model exhibits sexual attraction to a different kind of body; later, an unexpected pregnancy escalates to a horrific massacre; and a firefighter is reunited with a brutally bruised man who claims to be his long-lost son.

Please note Titane contains strong violence, strong sex, and scenes viewers may find distressing.

Titane film poster