"Tótem is a compassionate little wonder of a film." - Alexandre Heller-Nicholas, AWFJ

"Tótem is a film of unexpected beauty, using its main character as a conduit for exploring the quandaries of a family navigating matters of love, heartbreak, class, innocence, and, perhaps most prominently, mortality." - Greg Nussen, Slant Magazine

Lila Avilés’ follow up to The Chambermaid is a richly drawn family ensemble set on a day of bittersweet celebration and farewell. Seven year-old Sol is dropped off at her grandfather’s house as her aunts prepare a birthday party for her dad Tona, but she doesn’t understand why she can’t see him yet. Out of sight for most of the film, Tona is in another room being cared for by his nurse Cruz, struggling to make himself presentable for a party that is likely his last. Naíma Sentíes gives a magical performance as the young lead, in this beautifully crafted and profoundly moving family drama.

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