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"Beautifully poetic, tenderly funny and endlessly warm, Vera is a charming character study that dares to ask some of the more difficult questions with sophistication and genuine curiosity." - Matthew Joseph Jenner, ICS Film

"An unusual hybrid, Vera is full of sympathy and understanding for a woman dealing with loneliness, ageing and the inescapable legacy of a father who has left her a lost soul at the mercy of an often cruel world." - Allan Hunter, Screen International

Vera Gemma won Best Actress in the Horizons section at Venice 2022 for her compelling performance in Vera, in a role that partly mirrors her own life as daughter of Italian movie star Giuliano Gemma. In the film, which also won Best Director (Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel), Vera lives in the shadow of a famous father and drifts through Roman high society, tired of her superficial life and relationships. After she is involved in a traffic accident in the suburbs, she forms an intense relationship with an eight-year-old boy and his father. But soon she must realise that also in this world she is only an instrument for others.