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"Lafleur tries his hand at the unusual category of science-fiction comedy, pulling off an insightful, hilarious film that is part science spoof, part character study." - Monica Reid, Far Out Magazine

"The film finely balances its hand at understated humour and finds in its reserved observation of uber-Canadian timidity and cautiousness a greater parable about the values with which one weighs professional and personal relationships." - Pat Mullen, That Shelf

The Viking Society is recruiting volunteers for the first crewed mission to Mars. The goal is to form a B-team that will mirror the mission here on Earth to find solutions to the interpersonal problems that the Mars-bound crew is experiencing. David is a high school gym teacher who seizes this opportunity to revive his dream of becoming an astronaut and making a difference. Viking balances deadpan humour with profound poignancy in its story about a longing for a sense of purpose. It’s that rare kind of science fiction where gadgets and fantasy are overshadowed by the mysteries of the human psyche.