In 2016, Aubrey Gordon wrote a candid letter about living as a fat person. Posted online under the pseudonym Your Fat Friend, it resonated around the world, and so began the journey from anonymous blogger to inspirational queer fat activist. Shot over six years, Jeanie Finlay presents a warm portrait of her life and incredible rise through much success, and criticism. Winner of audience awards at film festivals around the world, Your Fat Friend is a funny, insightful and frank look at a unique voice challenging the perceptions of fat people in modern society and the capitalism of body positivity.

The screening on the 7th November will be followed by a Q&A with Director Jeanie Finlay.

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Audio Description is available at the screening at 20:30 on 7th November at Hyde Park Screen One. Please email if you require a headset from the venue.

The screening at 13:30 on 8th November at Vue Screen 11 will be presented with additional descriptive subtitles of non-dialogue audio.

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